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  • Matthew Mugan

Employer of Choice 2019

The Employer of Choice 2019 study has been released, and 30,000+ African professionals from all countries and sectors have been reviewing over 1,100 brands to vote for the company they most want to work for.

With more respondents than ever before, this is a really robust piece of research which should be useful to employers and talent focused on the continent.

The big change for 2019 is our split ranking of international and regional brands. This means that we can now reveal the preferred brands which are working internationally with an African presence, and African brands which are working across the continent.

The International Ranking

The Employer of Choice for 2019 is Total, chosen for how professionals saw them as innovative and forward thinking. The top 10 are:

  1. Total

  2. UN

  3. World Bank Group

  4. Exxon Mobil

  5. UNDP


  7. Google

  8. Chevron

  9. Shell

  10. Standard Chartered Bank

The Most Popular International Brands in Each Country

Employer of Choice 2019 International Brand Map

The African Brand Ranking

The Regional Employer of Choice for 2019 is Nigerian LNG, chosen for how professionals saw them as being a company with which they can make a difference to society. The top 10 are:

  1. Nigerian LNG

  2. MTN

  3. African Development Bank

  4. IOM

  5. Vivo Energy

  6. Development Bank of Southern Africa

  7. Seplat Petroleum Development Co.

  8. Ecobank

  9. Amref Health Africa

  10. Pecten

The Most Popular African Brands in Each Country

Employer of Choice 2019 African Brands Map


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