Diversity in African Talent

March 2020

Is the glass ceiling still holding back women in Africa from entering the boardroom. As we enter the third decade of the new millennium, what more can organisations be doing to develop a diverse workforce, and benefit from the capability and bottom line growth that comes with it?
This edition of Talent Matters will explore some of the initiatives that leading brands are implementing to develop a diverse workforce, with expert views from leaders who are already benefiting from diverse teams, as well as discussing how you can deliver on your diversity agenda.

SME Development

June 2020

Small and medium enterprises are the bedrock of economic growth across Africa. As these economies expand, the opportunity and competitiveness of local and SMEs is fundamental to regional growth. Robust supply chains, and access to international trade are essential if these emerging businesses are to thrive, but talent will make or break them.
This edition of Talent Matters will explore local content, taking a pan-African perspective on SME growth and development. We will discover the stories of family-owned brands, and the ways that SMEs are integrating with big business.

Employer of Choice 2020

August/September 2020

Now in its 5th year, the annual Careers in Africa Employer of Choice survey reveals the international and African brands that professionals most want to work for, and the perceptions of employee experience across the continent. Every business leader and HR professional knows that a great employee experience can make the difference between hitting and missing business targets, so it’s more important than ever that organisations continue to optimise this experience. 
This edition of Talent Matters will explore the outcome of the study in detail, with expert views on what companies can do ensure they are able to deliver on the opportunities that they present.


November 2020

Leadership is about impact, and a lasting legacy of change and growth. Leaders who show passion, inspire, set direction and respect and nurture talent are also critical factors when attracting and retaining talent and driving employer brand affinity. A leaders vision for the future is now their most important trait, and taking their brand on a journey towards this vision is all important.
This edition of Talent Matters will focus on the business and HR leaders who are changing Africa. We will explore their stories, learning about how to champion your employer brand and lead in 2020.


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