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Crafting an Africa-Centric EVP for Attracting Diaspora

HR is dead, long live the employee experience. Rethinking HR with a customer-centric model is a key trend, offering opportunities for business to boost bottom line performance by inspiring, enabling and engaging employees across the employment lifecycle, from pre-recruitment to post-exit. With the world’s leading employers securing measurable performance gains versus their competition by focusing on employee experience, Africa’s employers will be seeking the same edge.

For organisations aiming to optimise their employee experiences, the key is to take a data driven approach, viewing your engagement data and employee value proposition deliverables against a matrix of the employee lifecycle stages and the core themes of a great experience, such as reward, development, leadership, purpose and people.

Global Career Company is at the leading edge of this movement, publishing a dedicated employee experience supplement in African Business via Talent Matters and supporting organisations in their transformations through GCC Advisory’s employee experience, engagement and employee value proposition consultancy, all aimed at diversifying talent in organisations across Africa.

Why an Africa-Centric EVP Matters to Diaspora

Your Employer Value Proposition is your side of the contract between your organisation and your people. It reaches beyond the employment contract, including every expectation created around what will be on offer in return for work.

Your EVP is defined by the employee experience you create which in turn determines brand advocacy from your employees. This drives workforce motivation, and ultimately boosts your bottom line.

So, if you’re thinking you should have an EVP aligned to the specific markets you operate in, we agree with you!

EVPs are more powerful when they are plugged into what talent wants. Talent based outside their country of origin is 65% more likely to be attracted to a role where they feel they can make an impact and progress quickly and your EVP is the best way to promote opportunities to do this.

Structuring an EVP that speaks to diaspora is a tricky process. Here are our top tips on how to do it.

Careers in Africa has a track record in bringing the diaspora and diverse, regional talent pools to our clients through a combination of our digital platform and the specialisation of our recruiters and GCC Search can locate and hire the very best African leadership for you.

Diversity is at the heart of our company. Africans for Africa; localisation of talent and increase female ratios within our clients.

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Talent Matters

The human Capital Supplement

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Talent Matters: The Human Capital Supplement, is a quarterly publication in African Business Magazine, reaching over 300,000 decision makers, business leaders and policy shapers in over 80 countries.

You can tell your people story to Africa's talent with an editorial in Talent Matters. Click the button below to discover more about the upcoming issues and how you can be involved.

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