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5 Key Insights into Developing Your Talent

Rapidly changing markets require agile, strategic and technically savvy people functions. As the skills and demands of the wider business change, HR is required to support in different ways, anticipating leadership demands, training needs and engagement challenges ahead of the curve. Whether change is driven by trends such as job automation, or by ambitious growth objectives, the strength of your people function has a material impact on your organisation’s ability to adapt and grow. It is vital that HR teams are frequently challenged and pushed through participating in world- class training programmes and learning off industry experts at international conferences. Powered by insights from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice study, we explore 5 key insights for developing your talent, and boosting your bottom line.

Your Talent is Aware of Their Potential

85% of talent believe that they know what skills and training they need in order to advance their careers. If you have focused on recruiting the best talent in your industry, you can be assured they are aware of their own development program, even if it isn’t being delivered by your training function. Develop your employee experience by aligning with your talent to identify areas for learning and giving talent the opportunity to grow.

Develop Your Strategic People Function

51% of African Professionals do not think their current employers’ training programs are effective. Your talent needs to know your leaders are learning about how to develop them, and then see the results of this learning. Ensure you are consistently developing your insights and understanding of talent development and delivering a program that your workforce feel maximises their potential.

Ensure Your In-House Training is High Quality

30% of African Professionals want a focus on in job training from their employer. This is the most important type of training that talent is interested in. Leaders must ensure that training delivered by your HR and managerial function is empowering your talent.

Train Your Talent to Lead

26% of African professionals want leadership training. Women are 25% more likely to want leadership training compared to male counterparts. High quality talent is always focussed on career aspirations. If you want to secure outstanding talent for your organisation, you must be prepared, and equipped, to offer leadership training, otherwise your talent will look elsewhere for development opportunities.

Develop Your Female Talent

60% of female African professionals do not think their employer is providing good opportunities for personal development, compared to less than 40% of men. Your female talent is an untapped resource for growth from within. Ensure your training is open and welcoming to all staff, and target your female workforce to improve their employee experience and unlock their potential.


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