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Attracting High Potential Talent

Motivating high potential graduate and early-career talent to join your organisation

The need to source high-potential talent able to take your organisation forward is a continual challenge for African businesses. Building a diverse team of graduate and early-career talent who will develop into your future leaders is a key focus for many of the continents leading employers.

How you position your African Employer Brand, and how you reach talent will be all-important to the success of your recruitment strategies. Understanding the motivations of high-potential talent, and ensuring your employer brand speaks to those drivers is what sets the most sought after employers apart.

Here we explore the findings from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice study in 2019 and the key attraction insights from diaspora, Millennials and Generation Z and women which can improve talent acquisition of high-potentials.

Give Your Talent the Chance to Learn About Job Opportunities Within Your Company

Diaspora talent say they are 25% more likely to be given the chance to apply for roles within the company they work for then their home-based counterparts. Make sure your inward hiring policy is transparent and gives your talent a chance to plot their own career path.

Offer Insight into the Reward Package Compared to Other Employers.

Diaspora believe their pay is 22% better compared to those in other organisations. Africa’s employers are faced with the challenge of promoting the competitiveness of their reward package. To attract the best, make sure your reward packages offer rounded support, especially healthcare and relocation benefits, and promote these to your potential hires.

Progression is their Aim

Talent based outside their country of origin is 65% more likely to be attracted to a role where they feel they can make an impact and progress quickly. Design diaspora campaigns which speak to this by enhancing your employer brand with stories of career progression and advertise jobs with a clear route of how talent can get to the next level.

Start the Learning Process from the Point of Hire

Millennials and Generation Z are highly qualified and know their subject. What they lack is job specific training. 38% of Millennials and Gen Z entering the workplace value on the job training as essential, compared with only 11% of those over the age of 50. Have clear onboarding and development programmes that give Millennial and Gen Z talent the tools to make an impact quickly.

Create Tailored Benefit Programs for Millennial and Generation Z Staff

Younger staff generally believe their pay is fair compared to others in the organisation but are three times more likely to think their overall benefits program significantly fails to fit their needs compared to older colleagues. Develop a deeper understanding of your Gen Z and millennials’ needs and create benefit programs which speak to them.

Create a Diverse Environment

Millennials and Gen Z value a diverse workforce and expect that to come from the top. Generation Z and Millennials are four times more likely than older colleagues to expect leadership to be driving the diversification of their talent. If you want African professionals to grow with your company, start with a diverse workforce, and lead your diversity agenda from the boardroom.

Make it Clear how Females can Progress Through Your Company

Only 39% of women believe their employer gives them good opportunities for advancement, yet 55% of female staff want leadership training, compared to 44% of male colleagues.

Improve Your Fair Pay Policy, and Make Sure People Know It.

Only 40% of African professional women think they are paid fairly. Attract the best talent by making equality an important part of your employer brand and telling your potential hires when advertising roles.

Lead with Authenticity and Make a Workplace Where Everyone is Safe

Women are twice as likely to want to work for a brand whose leaders live the values their brand has and create safe environments to work in when compared to men.


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