Careers in Africa lets you reach the largest pool of talent searching for roles in Africa, in diaspora and local markets and promote the rich content that properly explores your African Employer Brand. Begin sourcing campaigns when you need to , promoting your open roles to diaspora talent who are ready to move to Africa. Fully control the creation of your job, including description, audience and campaign time and ensure your job is seen by over 2 million African professionals as they research employers, locations and job types.

Prepare Your Brand

Prepare an African Employer Value Proposition using our revolutionary Employer Brand design tool.

Post Your Jobs

Post job opportunities when you need to recruit, and attract engaged, high-potential talent.

Promote Your Brand

Reach local & diaspora talent with your Employer Brand at an international, country and city level.

Manage Your Jobs

Track progress of your recruitment efforts, analyse and assess candidates to find exceptional hires.

Engage Our Headhunters

Engage Global Career Company’s consultants to add expert selection and head-hunting and ensure you meet your recruitment targets every time.


Our Client, a multinational automobile manufacturer needed to source talent for multiple hard to fill technical and early career requirements across West and Central Africa. Roles required an array of technical qualifications, bilingual candidates, and a diaspora sourcing campaign.

Find out how Global Career Company exceeded expectations.

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