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Engagement Surveys

GCC Advisory

Understanding your talent is more important to your business than ever.

Working with trusted professionals, with peerless insight and experience in the African market is invaluable to this process.

GCC Advisory brings together world-class solutions with the local experience of its Principal Consultants to help you deliver people-excellence across Africa. 

Our Solutions

Understanding our employees is the key to sustainable engagement, and the impact of sustainable engagement on business performances is profound. This means that an active listening strategy: taking the pulse, identifying areas to improve, acting on insight and closing the feedback loop, is one of HR’s most powerful tools. GCC Advisory offers a world-class engagement solution, in Willis Towers Watson’s Pulse Platform, and by combining this with the local experience of our GCC Associates, gives you an edge in maximising the strategic, business-wide impact of HR in your organisation.

Bespoke Surveys

  • Unlimited surveys for a single fixed fee

  • Completely customise surveys to discover the insight you need

  • Build surveys to take the pulse across the employee lifecycle – annual, quarterly, onboarding, exit and more

  • Use best-practice questions from the platform bank and/or build in unique custom questions

Powerful Reporting

  • Segment data by any demographic details in the powerful online reporting tool

  • Pre-code staff HRIS data for accurate results

  • Create digital and Powerpoint reports quickly and with ease

Local Expertise

  • Rely on the support of the best African data norms and a bank of world class IP support.

  • Call on the local expertise and insight of GCC Associates, the Principal Consultants of GCC Advisory who remain on hand to support you throughout

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Gave us the deep insight we needed to make real, positive changes for our business.

HR Vice President, Regional Telecoms Provider


Case Study

Our client had been through a transformation process and a new HR leader wanted to understand how the process had affected the business and its people. The HR leader had run engagement projects previously, but was keen to understand the latest options with a view to maximising the impact of the project.

Discover how GCC Advisory's Engagement Surveys gave them a deeper insight then ever before.



Decades of Experience in our Principal Consulting Team

Country, Function & Sector Benchmarks



Survey Responses Per Year

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Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs by clicking on the button below. Please note that we cannot answer any job search queries, and if you are looking for a role in Africa, please visit Careers in Africa directly.

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