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Talent Mapping

GCC Search

Talent mapping is a smart way to understand talent markets for key roles and move towards one or more hires with the guaranteed deliverable of detailed market intelligence already secured.


GCC Search offers talent mapping supported by the global insight offered by our worldwide African talent network, alongside the deep, local knowledge and networks of our GCC Associates. The result is a view of unparalleled clarity into the professional African talent pool. 

Our Solutions

The benefits of talent mapping are clear. Building a detailed view of the talent available for a role or roles can speed up time to hire, reduce reactive hiring, support succession planning and reduce both recruitment costs and the indirect costs of business disruption.

Traditional talent mapping gives you static insight, a snapshot at a point in time. GCC Search believes that a dynamic mapping process is critical, so the data you get is always taking you somewhere, and updating as your market changes.

Role-Based Mapping

Focused on a specific role or group of roles, with the intention or probable intention to hire in the short term. Mirrors the executive search process, presenting candidates in terms of immediate suitability, interest, readiness to move and compensation. Mapping criteria will be aligned to a job description, a pool of relevant candidates will be gathered, and deliverables produced including:

  • Overall longlist of relevant candidates generated from which to derive shortlists.

  • Assessed (versus job description) list of candidates most relevant for and interested in role

  • Initial interviewing of most relevant candidates to go beyond profile into compensation data, level of interest, etc.

  • Optional onward recruitment support including selection, interview management and offer negotiation


Balances a robust review of the market with a direct approach to recruiting a candidate. In addition to the recruit, benefits include quicker and cheaper repeat hiring, as well as the opportunity to confidentially ‘preview’ the market before making decisions, for example, to replace an incumbent or expand into a new market.

Succession Mapping

  • Provides a view of the external talent market to feed into internal succession planning on an ongoing basis, or for market analysis.

  • This mapping is not structured around an immediate piece of recruitment, so both the approach and deliverables are altered.

  • Alignment with your internal succession planning is anticipated, with our consultants joining you for an in-depth briefing.

  • Mapping criteria will be aligned to key role descriptions, with a focus on assessing the existing teams of key competitors.

  • Candidates are indirectly assessed to maintain distance and appropriate expectations. This involves online and offline searching, soft referencing, etc.

Mapping outputs will be reduced to a top 5 or top 10, to ensure that the most suitable potentials can be easily integrated into the overall succession depth chart. An emphasis will be placed in reporting on readiness to take a given position, e.g. immediate, -1 year, -3 years.

Mapping Refreshers

Various options exist for maintaining the currency of the map, from quarterly refreshment to annual remapping. Our recruitment escalation remains an option throughout should you wish to activate a process.

All of our talent mapping proposals contain this dynamic element, taking the form of immediate recruitment integration, ongoing candidate engagement or regular refreshment of the mapping data.

Our dynamic talent mapping is available in several forms, all customised to help you deliver your specific objectives, from market intelligence to immediate hiring. As every role, and therefore, every project is unique, this initial document is a guide to what could be achieved, which will be further honed as a formal proposal.

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GCC Search is a key partner for us. They are the source of high-calibre talent with the diversity we demand.

Chief HR Officer - Major East African Bank


Additional Support

GCC Search can bespoke your campaign with a range of additional support services to ensure your search is a success.

Psychometric Assessments

Apply the Saville Wave assessment and Saville Swift Analysis assessment to provide a view of the competency and personality fit of your shortlist. 

Team Assessments

Our consultants can deploy team strengths assessments to ensure that your new recruit meshes effectively with a peer group which understands their strengths. This ensures the new team you have formed maximises their impact.


No potential is immediately realised. Coaching can be the difference between a good hire and a great one, or between a delayed impact or a rapid one. Our experienced coaches can help steer your new recruit through their first months in post.

Engagement Surveys

Leadership is a core element of engagement. By measuring engagement across your organisation, you can determine whether the leaders you have hired are connecting with their vision and communication, and how to intervene when not.

Role Profiling

From determination of competencies and behaviours to the creation of job descriptions and adverts, our experienced consultants can assist in designing elements of your roles.

Compensation Review

Benefit from the wealth of insight and information within our Talent Network to determine compensation levels for the positions you recruit.

Reference & Background Checks

Employment references, media searches, criminal, financial and background checking are available across all African jurisdictions to support your due diligence process.


Enlisting the support of partners who can manage the relocation process for overseas-based hires creates a supportive initial engagement for your new hires, allowing them to focus on the job.

Spousal Support

When a recruit moves with family, we can support family members to secure the next move in their own careers. Ensuring that the whole family is supported can be the difference between success and failure in a new role.


Local HR and payroll support is available in multiple jurisdictions around Africa, for when you may not be ready to directly employ new hires in a given market.

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Discover more information about the GCC Search Executive Search service in our detailed guide for employers.


Download it by clicking the link below.


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Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs by clicking on the button below. Please note that we cannot answer any job search queries, and if you are looking for a role in Africa, please visit Careers in Africa directly.

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