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Successful Executive Search begins with market insight, and outstanding reach. You want a partner who know every African market, and has an outstanding talent pool in each country.

The true differentiator of a leading executive search solution is the consultant handling the project. Our GCC Associates are Principal Consultants with decades of experience in senior resourcing across Africa.

An executive search via GCC Search is the way for African employers seeking game-changing people at the senior level to bring diverse, internationally-experienced talent into their organisations. 

Our Solutions

Executive search is a focused, sensitive and direct way to manage critical hiring. These positions are business critical, with downtime an unacceptable risk and the careful handling of both reputation and relationships essential. This is why leading organisations continue to prefer a retained search approach, rather than a success-fee model where these requirements are jeopardised. 

GCC Search’s executive search is for board members and senior business leaders motivated by business continuity, protection of relationship and reputation, who wish to secure the perfect hire in each key post.

Making the Right Start

This is where our world-class process and unparalleled insight set us apart. At the outset of the project, we ensure we fully understand your business in its current environment and expected future state, we understand the profile and nature of the person you seek, and determine cultural sensitivities.

Finding The Best

We map and source globally across our network of over 600,000 African professionals, talk to our 8,500 C-level Alumni in all 54 markets, work with our regional Associates across Africa, and reach across social media, in-market networks and a global talent platform that is unsurpassed in the market.

Identifying Perfect

Utilising specific criteria individually developed for each role, we can perform psychometric assessments and score our long-listed selections against the relevant competency and behavioural criteria to quickly find your perfect person.

Supporting People

Throughout the process, we support you, your team and your potential recruits to ensure a great experience. We manage all communication in a timely manner and keep to agreed deadlines so your project stays on track.

Providing Clarity

In all our reporting and documentation, especially when providing longlists and shortlists, we aim to provide complete clarity of our recommendations so you can be confident in your decision-making.

Securing Success

We are proud to support the relationship between client and candidate throughout the offer, the start date and beyond. We liaise between both parties to ensure that the offer negotiations run smoothly and avoid escalation of any areas of contention, facilitating the most positive onboarding process for both parties.



GCC Search is a key partner for us. They are the source of high-calibre talent with the diversity we demand.

Chief HR Officer - Major East African Bank


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Additional Support

GCC Search can bespoke your campaign with a range of additional support services to ensure your search is a success.

Psychometric Assessments
Team Assessments
Engagement Surveys
Role Profiling
Compensation Review
Reference & Background Checks
Spousal Support

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