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Employer Brand Insight

Careers in Africa

Smart talent management today is data driven, but are you missing out on the data you need to make the right employer brand, EVP and talent sourcing decisions?


Understanding your brands perception in the talent marketplace can give you you tools you need to make successful hires.

With our Employer Brand Insight, you can understand what your target talent is looking for, how your brand is perceived and how it compares to your competition via custom surveys and studies.

Our Solutions

Careers in Africa Employer Brand Insight provides a unique window into your employer brand across Africa. Comparing your target talent to norm data from more than 30,000 survey participants, for your specific demographics and versus your target competitors, these customised reports provide you with actionable insight to shape your employer value proposition and recruitment communications. 

Agile Studies

  • Fully customised studies focused on the markets, regions, demographics and competitor segments you need

  • Researched through our global and local network of registered African professionals

  • Quickly brought to life, with rapid data gathering from targeted sources

Bespoke Reporting

Detailed insight, versus robust data norms for:

  • What your target talent is looking for

  • How your employer brand and EVP are perceived

  • How you stack up versus competing employers

  • Broken down by market, gender, function, sector and other key splits

Actionable Insight

  • Recommendations presenting alongside the reports which help you take quick steps forward

  • Input from our Principal Consultants to combine your data with deep market experience

  • The option of continuing consultancy via GCC Advisory to help you drive your decisions into action

Find Out More


Really interesting findings and key takeaways that we will present to our group across Africa.

HR Director, Major Oil & Gas Multinational


Case Study

A multinational manufacturing brand in 12 markets across Africa wanted to understand how to adapt its global EVP for Africa.

They had recently crafted a new global EVP, but they didn’t know which parts of the global message would work best in each of their territories in Africa, and they didn’t want to go with a one size fits all approach.

Find out how Global Career Company were able to support them.



Registered African Professionals in Respondent Pool

Comparative Normative Data of 5M+ Survey Respondents



Studies Available Across 54 African Markets

Decades of Experience in our
 Principal Consulting Team


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Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs by clicking on the button below. Please note that we cannot answer any job search queries, and if you are looking for a role in Africa, please visit Careers in Africa directly.

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