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The Tunisian economy is the 12th largest in Africa, and is built primarily on its thriving oil & gas, textiles and mining sectors. The country enjoys excellent trade links with Europe and exports many agricultural products, textiles and petroleum. As the continent's leading human capital consultancy, Global Career Company has been working in Tunisia with multinational and regional brands to complete succession planning, EVP promotion, staffing and job posting, as well as offering invaluable advice services including employee engagement surveys, leadership development and capacity building support through our GCC Advisory initiative.

Our Initiatives In Tunisia

Find Talent

Could recruiting the best, diverse Tunisian talent uplift your organisation?

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The continents leader in executive search and talent mapping, GCC Search supports your c-level recruitment needs and plans for your company's future.

Optimise Talent

How far could you go if you unlocked the potential of your people?

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Africa's leading Human Capital platform for business leader and HR directors. Peerless events across Africa bring together prominent thought leaders to share knowledge.

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Empowering your business to support, develop and transform HR capacity. Our Principal Consultants have decades of experience working across Africa. 

The Talent Network

The Global Career Company Talent Network offers access to the largest collection of human capital insight to drive your recruitment and growth strategies. As the leading international recruitment agency for Africa, we are proud to support the largest Diaspora talent network for African professionals and graduates.

Here is a snapshot of our insight into the market, and the information which will increase your talent insight.

The Top Attraction Drivers for Tunisian Talent

Understanding the top attraction drivers for recruiting talent is key to getting the best to join your brand. Do you think the most talented people are only moving for pay? The real drivers for recruitment are:

Opportunity to develop your skills

Trust/confidence in senior leadership

Reputation of the organisation as a great place to work

Data sourced from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Survey

Engagement Metric Insights in Tunisia

Retaining your talent is essential for development and consistent excellence. Engagement metrics explore what the talent pool thinks about their employers, what keeps them in your team, and what drives them away. Understanding them can help you celebrate what makes your organisation a great place to work, and challenge the reasons your people leave.


Of Tunisians believe their employer actively tries to employ local talent, rather than seeking talent from abroad

Of Tunisians believe their employer is not able to source the talent they need for future business locally

Of Tunisians believe their immediate manager treats them with respect

Of Tunisians believe their work provides them with a sense of personal accomplishment

Data sourced from the Careers in Africa Employer of Choice Survey

Our Talent Network In Tunisia

Global Distribution

The Global Career Company Talent Network for Tunisia is the best source of diaspora and local talent for graduate and professional sourcing. The Tunisian network is mainly in country, with 77% of talent located there. The diaspora is mainly located in France, which has a large Tunisian community. A quarter of Tunisians are working in the oil and gas industry, with one in six in ICT and one in six in the financial services industry. Other industries are significantly smaller. A quarter of Tunisian talent is working in management, and another quarter in sales.

Job Industries of Talent in Tunisia
Job Roles of Talent in Tunisia

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Scheherazade Zekkar

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