Careers in Maghreb


Our newest regional brand is also our fastest growing. Covering the markets of Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara within the Maghreb, the brand also works across Egypt and liaises closely with our Sub-Saharan brand to cover Francophone West and Central Africa.

The growing synergies between recruitment in North Africa and the rest of the continent, largely due to an increasingly international talent market and the diversifying interests of our clients, mean that our Careers in Maghreb and Careers in Africa brands are more and more often deployed together by clients seeking regional understanding over a wider area. Services offered through Careers in Maghreb include:

  • Digital Talent Hubs
  • Recruitment Campaigns
  • Recruitment Summits
  • Search and Selection
  • Consultancy Services


To visit Careers in Maghreb, please click here.

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