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Global Career Company and its Brands

Global Career Company was founded in 2002 to provide recruiting excellence to emerging markets. Over the years we have added several specialist regional brands to our portfolio. Each regional brand offers elements of our range of innovative services to clients aiming to recruit for the markets within its remit. Additionally, our regional brands provide a deeper level of local understanding to our candidates and partners. In 2014 we added a dedicated thought leadership brand to our regional marks. The Talent Agenda Series represents our commitment to leading the talent agenda in emerging markets and offers a series of online and offline thought leadership events and publications throughout the year.In 2017, we added GCC Search to hone our focus and processes around the executive recruitment we have carried out over many years.

Where your recruitment, career development or partnership require it, our regional brands, GCC Search and the Talent Agenda Series, is combined to ensure the service you received is joined up. We specialise to provide a deeper knowledge and understanding to our users, not to make our business more complicated to deal with. Through any one of our brands, you may deal with us all.

You can find out more about each of our brands via the links on the right.