What a year for Africa


2018 saw the launch of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area, as Africa’s leaders begin to recognise the importance of cross-border cooperation and business. Regional needs become continental needs as goods and business become ever more focused on intra-continental trade.
This shift does not just apply to goods and business; Africa’s human capital is on the move. As the continent’s populations begin to realise the employment opportunities outside of their borders, organisations, from local-level to multinational, are adapting to this phenomenon.
This is one such finding during this year’s Talent Agenda Series. 200 business and HR leaders from across the continent came together to discuss how HR and business as a whole can and should adapt to this challenge in the East, West and Southern regions respectively and more broadly. 
Careers in Africa and GCC Search, Global Career Company’s recruitment arm, are well-placed to meet the needs of these talent pools on the move. As Africa’s largest professional network found not only throughout Africa but throughout the world, we are uniquely placed to provide support to all our clients on recruitment across all levels, sectors and functions in 2019.