Africa will Continue to Thrive


News Release

“Africa Will Continue to Thrive”

March 2012

It’s ten years since Rupert Adcock launched Global Career Company and the now world renowned Careers in Africa initiative. We interview him to find out where Careers in Africa has come from and where it’s going.

Rupert, congratulations on the 10th Anniversary of Global Career Company and the Careers in Africa initiative. Let’s go back to the beginning. What inspired you to develop Careers in Africa?

I noticed a trend growing throughout African companies, a need for them to seek out internationally based African graduates and early career professionals, who could bring their skills back to the region. Careers in Africa allows our clients to utilise our growing network of internationally based talent. We then select these candidates specifically for them against their requirements and give them the tools and facilities to interview and recruit them over one weekend in key locations across the globe.

For the candidates, we note that with career opportunities increasing throughout the region, Africans are more than ever considering moving home to further their careers and contribute to their local economies. Indeed, the uplift in applications that we have experienced shows how the appetite for a move to Africa appears to be greater than ever.

Can you tell us about the first Careers in Africa event that you held and how it has changed to date?

The first Careers in Africa event was on a smaller scale with just 14 companies. As we have grown exponentially our clients have grown with us. We can expect up to 50 companies at our flagship event in London this year. Graduates who we first contacted in 2002 have now become experienced managers. In many cases our candidates have become our clients and continue to act as our ambassadors across Africa.

What about your clients? Can you tell us about their requirements and what trends you have noticed over the last 10 years?

Despite the global economic downturn, we can see that Africa has remained strong. Companies are seeking experienced managers to run their African operations and drive them forward

Have you noticed a change in the candidate applications to GCC?

The candidates have always been extremely ambitious with excellent skills and experience. We recently conducted a survey with our database and when asked what drives the candidates to return to Africa, ‘opportunities to fast track my career’ was the leading response, ‘Africa’s growing economy’ was ranked second, whilst ‘returning home to family’ and ‘the ability to apply international knowledge to local markets’ came joint third. Incidentally, ‘financial incentives’ and ‘giving back’ were ranked last.

What can we expect from the emerging markets over the next 12 months?

Africa will continue to thrive and sustain economic growth. These are exciting times for the region and multiple opportunities abound.

Where do you see Global Career Company in the next 10 years?

We want to be ‘in’ our markets and we are looking to grow rapidly. We are seeking to open up regional African offices, starting with South Africa. Africa is the future of employment opportunities and GCC wants to be integral to its success.