Victor Famuyibo, HR Director for Heineken Gives his Opinion on Africa


News Release

Victor Famuyibo, HR Director for Heineken Gives His Opinion on Africa

March 2012

‘The future is here. I’m not just saying this because I am African, but because when I look around it looks to me like Africa is ready to take over from Asia in terms of growth.’

Heineken have worked with Careers in Africa since we first started, almost ten years ago. We spoke with Victor Famuyibo, HR Director for Heineken in Nigeria, to find out his view on how Africa has changed in the last decade, and how he expects the continent to develop in the future.

How have you seen Africa change in the last 10 years?

In my view it has come a long way. The last ten years have been significant in terms of growth. A decade ago, many countries were still dealing with some sort of civil conflict or another. There is now less turbulence which has created the ideal environment for business, and new investment has been flooding in from abroad. I have also seen more FDI from China into Africa. Again, the improved business climate has created the perfect environment for partnerships. The political atmosphere has also contributed, with the era of one-man dictatorships becoming history and democracy becoming the future. The collapse of apartheid has undoubtedly contributed to this. As a result, this has created access to foreign grants and loans. In turn, this has mobilised infrastructure across Africa.

Where do you see Africa in the next 10 years?

I predict that as we start reaping the fruits of democracy and stability, we will see a decade of real GDP growth. The last ten years will look like child’s play in comparison, and I believe we will hit double digit growth. The reasons for this will be an on-going concerted effort to improve infrastructure, as well as tackling corruption head on. Right now, there are still corruption issues across politics and business. Ten years ago it was a way of life, but at least now it is becoming part of the discussion.

How have Heineken’s demands for human capital changed over the last 10 years?

They have been and are still growing dramatically! Lots of local acquisitions here in Nigeria have meant that we have a huge demand for highly skilled and well trained Nigerians. Our strategy is to find fresh young people from across the globe and invest a lot of training in them. Unfortunately, local schools are still not getting better so we have to have access to the Diaspora to find graduates with the education and international perspective. Global Career Company is our preferred provider when meeting these needs. We continue to be a strong force in the Heineken Group, establishing our footprint all over the world as the business continues to grow.