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About Our Work

In 15 years we have done a great deal of work we are very proud of. Here is a little information about the clients, candidates and partners who have worked with us, with some case studies and testimonials too. You will also find information on our Global Talent Pool. For more detailed information please visit our regional brand sites, where you can find out how to register as a candidate, use our recruitment services or partner with us. You will find links to them here.

Our Brands

Global Career Company delivers services through its three regional initiatives, Careers in Africa, Careers in Asia and Careers in Maghreb, through GCC Search for executive recruitment and through the Talent Agenda Series human capital platform. You can find out more about each brand here and access recruitment services or career opportunities in Africa, Asia or Maghreb by following the links to our brands on this page or via the homepage.

Our Clients

Our 550+ clients include:

Our Candidates

We focus on attracting difficult to reach candidates and from around the world with that potent mix of international experience combined with local knowledge.

Our candidates combine a powerful mix of outstanding academic qualifications, and relevant international experience.

Our candidates also possess the following:

  • Up to 20 years of professional experience
  • Strong managerial potential and/or technical skills
  • Fluency in French, English, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic

To find out specific details about our Global Talent Pool for any country, sector or function, please get in touch with our team.

Our Partners

To help us deliver recruiting excellence for emerging markets we work with a wide network of partners around the world. Within each of our regional sites you can find profiles on some of these partners and their work with us. If you’d like to discuss beginning a partnership, just get in touch or navigate to the partner area of the right regional site and fill out the quick form there.

The types of organisations we usually partner with include:

  • Media
  • Education
  • Professional Association
  • Social Media
  • Government
  • Job Boards
  • Alumni Groups

The Global Talent Pool

The Global Talent Pool is the environment for emerging markets talent that we nurture year round via engagement with our online and offline sourcing channels. Through the Global Talent Pool, we bring together candidates with the potential, track record and capabilities you require, engage with them and apply our own recruitment processes (customised to your requirements) to bring them into your business or into your pipeline.

Case Studies

What Our clients Say:

“We have used Global Career Company to help us recruit talented Angolans around the world with great success, and we see them as our recruitment partner.”
Recruitment and Employment Supervisor, Chevron Angola

“Thank you and your team’s dedication and hard work. Careers in Asia has given us insights into the remarkable talent available.”
HR Director, MSD Pharmaceutical

“The original and still the best source of internationally-experienced Africans.”
HR Director, Aurecon

“This event is definitely worth the investment. We have met talent with solid academic and international backgrounds.”
Regional HR Manager

“An excellent platform through which to promote our company to highly qualified candidates seeking a career in Africa.”
HR Director, Arcelor Mittal

“Careers in Asia was a superbly organised event, providing the ideal platform for us to promote our brand to a highly targeted group of Asian graduates and professionals.”
HR Director, Sanofi Aventis

“This is the best event for recruiting Francophone Africans across Europe.”
HR Director, Heineken

“An outcome beyond our expectations.”
HR Director, Bekaert

“Careers in Africa provides an excellent opportunity to engage with a highly talented population.”
Recruitment Manager, Shell